How to understand, measure, and evidence what clients really value?

Director of Wealth Professional, Douglas Mitchell, was recently invited to the Schroders London Adviser Forum to share his thoughts on a very complicated, yet what should be straight forward question, – ‘What do clients really value?’

“Good service is a catch-all phrase which can mean different things to different people or role types and value is not just about price. Many clients consider the feeling of ‘getting what they might expect at a good price’ as most important.

It’s our responsibility to make sure we’re getting it right on value, because the people we are dealing with don’t really have a benchmark against which to assess it.

We need to get some pressure into the industry to invest in this and get the conversation going. We need to ask ourselves what the component parts of service and value look like – and not just listen to what providers think. We need to continue to flip the emphasis on how we drive that with the lens always centred on a good outcome for our clients.”

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